Procurement activity: annual report overview 2020 to 2021

An overview of public procurement activity in Scotland for 2020 to 2021, based on information contained in individual annual procurement reports prepared by public bodies and other relevant information.


Errata published on 26th March 2024: a correction has been made to the number of Annual Procurement Reports which provided evidence for the following areas: equal treatment and non-discrimination, involvement of third sector organisations, Fair Work practices, promoting innovation, and regulated procurements expected to begin in the next two financial years.

For the 2020-21 Annual Report on Procurement Activity in Scotland, manual transposition was used for the assimilation and analysis of data held within individual annual procurement reports. This relied on manually inputting individual figures into collated datasets for analysis. From the 2021-22 reporting cycle, dedicated specialist data analysis software was used instead. In reviewing past data with this new method, several statistical errors were identified in the 2020-21 report. Please note that these errors impact on the rates of public bodies reporting on their procurement activities and not the core messages of this report.

Changes have been made to section 2 and 3.5, relating to ‘Good for Society’; section 3.3.3, relating to facilitation of third sector organisation involvement; section 3.3.7, relating to ‘Fair Work’; section 3.6.4, relating to promoting innovation in reporting; and section 4, relating to future procurement activity.



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