Tackling child poverty delivery plan 2022-2026 - annex 1: Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 requirements

This annex to Best Start, Bright Futures: the second tackling child poverty delivery plan 2022 to 2026 explains how we have met the requirements of the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017.

Estimating resources allocated

The table below sets out best estimates of the financial resources allocated in support of actions committed within the Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan 2022-26. Figures set out should be treated in each case as the upper level of investment.

For each action a summary is included of the anticipated impact and how spend is targeted. Estimates of spend targeted to tackle child poverty will be produced within annual progress reports, informed by actual spend during the relevant financial year.

The cumulative spend figure should therefore be treated with caution on this basis, this figure represents estimates of spend which is of relevance to tackling child poverty – however will not include all relevant spend, e.g. on health services and free prescriptions, or in relation to public contracts which support labour market opportunities.


Drivers to be impacted:

EMP - Income from employment

HC - Reducing household costs

SS - Maximising income from social security and benefits in kind

LC - Life chances, action to improve family wellbeing and/or children's outcomes

Targeting of funding:

LIFC - Low Income Families with Children

FC - Families with children, not necessarily on low income

LIHH - Low Income Households

DYP - Disadvantaged young people

AYP - Young people, not necessarily on low income

CC - Creating conditions, not necessarily on low income

Action Resource (£M) 2022-23 – rounded to £0.1m Drivers expected to be impacted Targeting of Spend
Local Pathfinders 5.0 EMP, HC, SS, LC LIHH, LIFC, CC
Social Innovation Partnership 9.8 LC, EMP, HC, SS LIFC, DYP, CC
Employability And Skills
Parental Employment Offer 81.9 EMP, HC, SS, LC LIFC
Fair Start Scotland 23.6 EMP LIHH
Challenge Fund (employment) 2.0 EMP, HC, SS, LC LIFC
Parental Transition Fund 15.0 EMP LIFC
Individual Training Accounts 3.5 EMP LIHH
National Transition Training Fund 3.0 EMP CC
Flexible Workforce Development Fund 20.0 EMP CC
Lifetime Skills Offer 0.0 EMP CC
Adult Learning Strategy* 2.0 EMP CC
NHS demonstrator 1.0 EMP LIFC, DYP
Just Transition Fund 20.0 EMP CC
Critical Infrastructure
Early Learning and Childcare (1,140) 1,006.0 EMP, HC, LC FC
Further developing early learning and childcare offers 0.0 EMP, HC, LC FC
Wraparound / School Age Childcare 13.0 EMP, HC, LC FC
Concessionary fares 110.0 EMP, HC, LC CC
Network Support Grant 94.5 EMP, HC, LC CC
Community Bus Fund 1.0 EMP CC
Demand Responsive Transport 0.1 EMP CC
Digital Travel Data Systems TBC EMP CC
Connecting Scotland 1.5 EMP, HC, LC LIHH
Transforming Our Economy
Scottish Business Pledge 0.1 EMP CC
Workplace Equality Fund 0.8 EMP CC
Women Returners Project 1.0 EMP FC
Fair Flexible Work Programme for Scotland 0.1 EMP CC
Real Living Wage / Real Living Hours accreditation 0.4 EMP CC
Fair Work First** N/A** EMP CC
Public Sector Pay** N/A** EMP CC
Community Wealth Building** N/A** EMP CC
People and Place
Whole Family Wellbeing Funding 50.0 LC CC
Community Justice Services 134.0 LC CC
Throughcare services 3.7 LC CC
Prison Visitor Centres 0.8 LC CC
Bairns Hoose 0.0 LC CC
CashBack for Communities 7.1 LC CC
Getting it Right Together TBC LC CC
A Whole Family Approach to drug and alcohol support 6.5 LC, EMP, SS CC, DYP
Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund 15.0 LC CC
1,000 dedicated staff to grow community mental health resilience 4.0 LC CC
Third Sector Fund 16.0 LC LIFC, FC, DYP, AYP, CC
STV Appeal 1.0 LC, HC, SS LIFC, DYP
Family Fund 3.0 LC, HC LIFC, DYP
Equality and Human Rights Fund 8.1 LC CC
Place Based Investment Programme 63.0 EMP, LC CC
Empowering Communities Programme 17.0 HC, EMP, SS, LC LIFC, FC, DYP, AYP, CC
Social Security
Scottish Child Payment 225.0 SS LIFC
Best Start Grant 18.8 SS LIFC
Best Start Foods 13.1 SS LIFC
Bridging Payments 57.6 SS LIFC
Young Carers Grant 1.0 SS DYP
Carers Allowance Supplement 43.2 SS LIHH
Carers Allowance 314.9 SS LIHH
Adult Disability Payment 1,948.5 SS CC
Child Disability Payment 265.0 SS CC
Child Winter Heating Assistance 4.0 SS CC
Low Income Winter Heating Assistance 21.1 SS LIHH
School Clothing Grant 11.8 SS, LC LIFC
Free School Meals*** 169.8 SS, LC CC, LIFC
School meals - holiday provision 21.8 SS, LC LIFC
Education Maintenance Allowance 25.0 LC, EMP LIFC
Scottish Welfare Fund 41.0 SS LIHH
Discretionary Housing Payments 80.2 SS LIHH
Benefit Cap Mitigation**** 7.1 SS LIHH
Cost of Living Payment 280.0 SS LIHH
Council Tax Reduction - revenue foregone 351.0 HC, LC LIHH
Establish a data sharing and automation project 5.0 SS CC
Income Maximisation
Social Security Advocacy Service 5.4 SS CC
Expand Family Nurse Partnerships 17.0 SS, LC LIFC
Building capacity in Health Visitor workforce 0.3 LC FC
Health Visitors 20.0 LC FC
Information campaign to increase uptake of support 2.0 SS, HC, LC FC
Advice in accessible settings 1.5 SS, HC LIHH
CPAG second tier advice 0.7 SS LIHH
Debt Advice 6.5 HC CC
Plan to end the need for foodbanks 2.4 LC LIHH
Affordable Housing Supply Programme 831.4 HC CC
Private rented sector reform 2.8 HC CC
Gypsy / Traveller accommodation 6.0 HC CC
Heat Transition TBC HC CC
Home Energy Scotland 42.0 HC LIHH
Warmer Homes Scotland 55.0 HC LIHH
Fuel Insecurity Fund 10.0 HC LIHH
Rapid Rehousing and Housing First 8.0 HC, LC LIHH
Homelessness Support Fund 23.5 HC, LC LIHH
Other ending homelessness together spend 2.0 HC, LC LIHH
Supporting The Next Generation
Baby Box 9.0 HC, LC FC
Book Bug 1.7 LC FC
PlayTalkRead 0.5 LC FC
Young Patients Family Fund 4.0 HC FC
Renewing Play Parks 5.0 LC FC
Promise Partnership Fund 4.0 LC DYP
Young Scot NEC 1.0 LC FC
Scottish Attainment Challenge 200.0 LC LIFC, DYP
Curriculum costs 8.0 LC FC
Devices in schools 15.2 LC, HC FC
Youth Music Initiative 9.5 LC FC
Sistema Scotland 1.1 SS, LC LIFC
Scottish Mentoring and Leadership Programme 3.4 LC LIFC, DYP
Free Bikes 1.4 LC LIFC
Sport and Active Living***** 54.1 LC CC, AYP
Youth Work Strategy* (see adult learning) LC AYP
Job Start Payment 1.1 LC, EMP DYP, LIFC
Young Persons Guarantee 45.0 LC, EMP DYP
Scottish Funding Council (SFC) spend 1,900.0 LC AYP
Devices in further and higher education 5.0 LC DYP
Higher Education Student support budget 1,017.0 LC AYP
Care experienced grant TBC SS, LC DYP
Extension to Council Tax exemption 0.0 LC AYP
Total 9972.06    

* development and delivery of both the youth work and adult learning strategies

** No specific funding allocation for the purposes of the Delivery Plan

*** Excludes capital resource

**** Anticipated to increase from 2023-24 which will be the first full year of implementation

***** £34.7m for sportscotland, £19.4m for Active Health Lives budget


Email: TCPU@gov.scot

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