Animal Welfare Committee: advice on emergency culling for the depopulation of poultry affected by high pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) consideration of ventilation shutdown (VSD)

The UK Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) advice for the emergency culling of poultry using the ventilation shutdown (VSD) method.

The UK Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) was asked to advise on the emergency culling method of ventilation shutdown (VSD) for depopulation of poultry. Poultry species included in the scope of the advice are intensively kept meat chickens, laying hens or turkeys depopulated for HPAI disease control purposes across the UK. AWC is an expert advisory body on animal welfare at the time of killing for all UK administrations. The Scottish Government will carefully consider the recommendations made.

A PDF of the recommendations is included here. The recommendations will publish on the UK Government website in full in due course, including an accessible html version.

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