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EU animal by-products regulation: competent authority authorisations

The EU Animal By-Products Regulation allows member states to derogate from the basic framework of animal by-products controls in specified areas provided certain conditions are met. Some types of derogation are provided for directly in the Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (Scotland) Regulations 2013. Others will be the subject of an authorisation issued by the Scottish Ministers.

EU animal by-products regulation: competent authority authorisations
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About this publication

24 Jan 2014
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Animal by-products (ABPs) are entire animal bodies, parts of animals, products of animal origin or other products obtained from animals that are not fit or intended for human consumption. They must be dealt with in accordance with strict regulations designed to prevent harm to people, animals and the environment.


The EU Animal By-Product Regulation 1069/2009 and its accompanying implementing Commission Regulation 142/2011 came into force in Scotland on 4 March 2011 and among other measures prohibits the burial or burning of fallen stock on-farm. The EU Regulations are implemented by the Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (Scotland) Regulations 2013 and the Animal By-Products (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Scotland) Regulations 2015.