The Anholt - GfK Roper Nation Brands Index(SM): 2014 Report for Scotland

This publication reports the 2014 findings of the Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index (NBI) on Scotland's international reputation in terms of exports, governance, culture, people, tourism and investment and immigration.

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6 Conclusion

6.1 Scotland's score and rank on the Nation Brands IndexSM show that it continues to have a strong reputation abroad. Scotland's score and rank place it along side and sometimes ahead of other comparator small, high income Western nations. Scotland is firmly in the Top 20 rated nations.

6.2 This is the first time the available Scotland data have shown an improvement in Scotland's overall score since the indicator's baseline year (2008). For the purposes of the Scottish Government's National Performance Framework, the indicator for Scotland's reputation is "improving".

6.3 Scotland's reputation, in terms of score, has improved compared with 2012 across all dimensions, with Tourism also seeing an improvement in terms of relative rankings. Other dimensions of Scotland's reputation have dropped moderately in relative rankings since 2012.

6.4 Tourism, with Governance a close second, remains to be perceived as Scotland's main strength in the international arena. Its People, as well as Immigration and Investment opportunities, are favourably ranked. Except for Scotland's reputation in sporting excellence, Scottish Culture also has a good international reputation, outperforming other small, high income Western nations.

6.5 Exports remain the only dimension of reputation where Scotland is ranked outside the Top 20.

6.6 The NBISM data provides an indication of how Scotland is perceived abroad. It indicates that Scotland's international image is strong across various dimensions, and is overall stable over time, with signs of improvement.


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