Scottish climate change adaptation programme 2019-2024: analysis of responses to consultation

Stakeholders' responses to consultation draft on Scotland's second statutory five-year climate change adaptation programme. The programme is due to be launched in autumn 2019.

7. Conclusions

7.1 A range of informed stakeholders took part in the consultation. They were typically highly-engaged and knowledgeable about relevant issues, including management of Scotland's resources, planning and delivering services, environmental matters, the development of policy and monitoring environmental change. In addition to this expertise many respondents articulated their personal views, describing fears about the scale of climate change and its impact on the environment and citizens, both in Scotland and elsewhere.

7.2 Participants shared suggestions, examples and reflections on ways the programme may support Scotland to mitigate or adapt to climate change in the short, medium and long term. These responses provide a useful evidence base for the Scottish Government to draw upon in the development of the final Programme.

7.3 The high-level response to each aspect of the consultation document was strongly positive. There was a majority view of support for every proposal put forward. While overall there was a high level of support for the vision and outcomes, the expressions of agreement, uncertainty or disagreement were more mixed than those provided in responses to the overall approach.

7.4 Many expressed a desire for more detail about each aspect of the Programme; typically, in relation to a policy area or matter of particular interest to the respondent. Given the broad cross-sectoral connections inherent in this Programme it may be a challenge for the Scottish Government to provide sufficient discussion to satisfy the various interested audiences.

7.5 A range of models, approaches and issues were put forward for the Scottish Government to consider; often concerning a particular area of policy. Comments frequently aligned into common themes, showing consistency in views and perspectives.

7.6 Cross-cutting themes included frequent requests for the Scottish Government's vision to convey a greater sense of urgency and ambition and emphasise the scale of change required. There were also calls for flexibility within the programme, to reflect the volatile nature of climate change and provide capacity for Scotland to respond to new evidence as it becomes available.



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