Publication - Consultation analysis

Equally Safe - forensic medical services: consultation analysis

Analysis of responses to our consultation on the retention period for evidence collected in the course of self-referral forensic medical services.

Equally Safe - forensic medical services: consultation analysis
Profile of respondents

Profile of respondents

13. A total of 64 responses were received to the consultation from 30[6] individuals and 33 organisations. Of these responses, one[7] was a duplicate, therefore there were 63 valid responses in total.

14. A breakdown of the profile of the organisations that took part in the consultation is set out below. A list of the organisations who responded is included at Annex A.

  • Sixteen health sector organisations, including 10 NHS health boards, 5 NHS special health boards and the West of Scotland Sexual Assault Service;[8]
  • Five organisations that provide a justice perspective, for example the Law Society of Scotland;
  • Six organisations with a focus on victim support such as Rape Crisis Scotland, Victim Support Scotland and South Lanarkshire Gender-Based Violence Partnership;
  • Four organisations representing specific groups of people such as People First (Scotland) and Centre for Excellence for Children's Care (CELCIS);
  • One education and training provider; and
  • One local authority.