Empowering Schools consultation: analysis of responses

Independent analysis of the responses to the Empowering Schools consultation which ran from 7 November 2017 until 30 January 2018.

Appendix 2: Question 24: Possible names for EWCS

The following table contains suggestions put forward by respondents at Question 24: By what name should the proposed Education Workforce Council for Scotland be known?

Table B: Question 24

A Taskforce for Life
Children and Young People's Workforce Council for Scotland
Comhairle Proifeiseanta Foghlam na h-Alba ( CPFA)
Communities Education Scotland
Community and Education Council for Scotland
Council for Education
Educating People Scotland
Education and Community Improvement Council Scotland
Education and Community Learning Workforce Council
Education and Community Partnership Council Scotland
Education and Community Workforce Council (3 mentions)
Education and Development Council Scotland
Education Council for Scotland
Education Practitioner Council for Scotland
Education Professional Workforce Council
Education Professionals Academy Scotland
Education Professions Council for Scotland
Education Scotland
Education Standards Council for Scotland
Education Workers Standards Agency
Educational Staff Standards Council
Educational workforce council
Educators Scotland
Employment Excellence
Excellence in Leaders of Learning
GECS - General Education Council Scotland (8 mentions)
General Educators Council of Scotland
General Teaching and Associates Council
General Teaching Council
Getting it right for Scotland
Institute of Education
Learning & Development Aspirations Scotland
Learning & Development Workforce Council for Scotland
Learning Community Scotland
Learning connected Scotland
Learning in Scotland - Workforce of the future.
Learning Leaders Executive
LEARNING workforce council
Lifelong Learning Workforce Council for Scotland
National Academic Staff Association for Scotland
Primary and Lifelong Learning Education Council Scotland
Professional Education Council for Scotland
Professional Education Council for Scotland ( PECS)
Professional Educators of Scotland (2 mentions)
SCET - Scottish Council for Education and Training
SCEW - Scottish Council for Education Workforce
School Education Academy Scotland
Schooling in Scotland Council
Schooling Scotland Council
Scotland's Early Learning, Childcare and Education Workforce Council
Scottish Council for Educational Practitioners ( SCEP)
Scottish Education and Community Improvement Alliance
Scottish Education and Community Improvement Council
Scottish Education and Development Council
Scottish Education Council (2 mentions)
Scottish Education Network
Scottish Education Profession
Scottish Education Professionals
Scottish Education Services Council (2 mentions)
Scottish Education Workforce Council
Scottish Educators Council (2 mentions)
Scottish Learning and Community Partnership (2 mentions)
Scottish Learning Council
Scottish Professional Education Council (2 mentions)
SEWC - Scottish Education Workforce Council
SSSEC (Scottish Social Services & Education Council)
Supporting Staff Standards in the Learning Context
SWEC - Scotland's Workforce Education Council
The council for Scotland's educators
The Education Council
The Education Workforce (Scotland)
The Learning Collaborative
The Lifelong Learning Council
The Scottish Register of Education Providers
The Teaching and Education Workforce Council for Scotland


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