Healthcare needs in schools guidance consultation: response analysis report

Analysis report summarising those responses received to our consultation on guidance on healthcare needs in schools.

Overview of consultation responses

5. There were a total of 81 responses received for this consultation. 62 of those responses came from organisations, whilst the remaining 19 were submitted by individuals. Organisational responses were received from a wide range of stakeholders including NHS Boards, local authorities, independent schools, trade unions and several bodies representing educational and medical professionals.

6. 73 out of 81 respondents have given consent for their responses to be made public. These responses have been published on the Scottish Government’s Consultation Hub and they can be viewed by accessing the following link:

7. All respondents were given the opportunity to submit their responses anonymously, or for their responses to be anonymised in reporting. Prior to publication, all responses were moderated to ensure no inappropriate language or information which could potentially identify individuals by name.


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