Healthcare needs in schools guidance consultation: response analysis report

Analysis report summarising those responses received to our consultation on guidance on healthcare needs in schools.


1. The Scottish Government opened a consultation [1] regarding the guidance on healthcare needs in schools on 20 January 2017. The purpose of this consultation is to seek views from both the public and interested stakeholders on the draft guidance prior to our publication of the final guidance. The draft guidance document has been developed in partnership with a range of key stakeholders including representatives from education and health services, specific healthcare organisations, and parents and carers.

2. This guidance will replace the guidance on Administration of Medicines in Schools [2] from 2001. While this guidance makes general references to legislation, it is not an authoritative statement of the law. Interpretation of the law is a matter for legal advisers and ultimately the courts. Readers may wish to take legal advice regarding any particular set of circumstances.

3. The guidance has been developed to inform local policy development between NHS boards, education authorities, schools and other partners in supporting children and young people with healthcare needs in schools. It is intended to act as a guide to the strategic and operational matters which should be considered as part of policy development. The guidance may also be of interest to children, young people and parents/carers.

4. The consultation questionnaire contained fifteen questions. All questions except for the last one, which was open-ended, sought a yes or no answer with additional text fields allowing respondents to provide reasons explaining their selection.


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