National Assistance (Assessment of Resources) Regulations 1992 - Historical Institutional Abuse Redress Board (Northern Ireland) amendments: equality impact assessment

Equality impact assessment (EQIA) for disregarding any payment from the Historical Institutional Abuse Redress Board (Northern Ireland), in relation to the financial assessment for living in a care home in Scotland.


1. Equality Scheme for the Redress Board

2. HIA legislation - Equality Impact Screenings and Rural Impact Assessments

3. Treatment of Historical Institutional Abuse Payments in Means-Tested Benefits

4. Care home census for adults in Scotland Statistics for 2011 to 2021

5. Refer to Definitions of Protected Characteristics document for information on the characteristics

6. In respect of this protected characteristic, a body subject to the Public Sector Equality Duty (which includes Scottish Government) only needs to comply with the first need of the duty (to eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under the Equality Act 2010) and only in relation to work. This is because the parts of the Act covering services and public functions, premises, education etc. do not apply to that protected characteristic. Equality impact assessment within the Scottish Government does not require assessment against the protected characteristic of Marriage and Civil Partnership unless the policy or practice relates to work, for example HR policies and practices.



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