Allotments Tripartite meeting minutes: May 2016

Minutes from the Allotments Tripartite meeting held on 19 May 2016.

Attendees and apologies


  • Joanne Boyle (Chair)
  • Robin MacLean
  • Neil McAteer
  • Peter Duncan
  • Alexander Paterson
  • Ian Woolard
  • Alison Swanson
  • Mark Thirgood
  • Ian Welsh
  • Judy Wilkinson

Items and actions

1. Introduction

1.1. Joanne Boyle welcomed the group and introductions were made.

2. Terms of reference

2.1. Terms of reference were accepted by the group.

3. Scottish Government update

3.1. Joanne Boyle gave an update on the newly appointed administration and recently announced Cabinet Secretaries. There was a brief discussion on where Part 9 will sit in relation the new Cabinet Secretary portfolios and the meeting heard that Scottish Government is still in the process of identifying Cabinet responsibilities.


  • Robin MacLean to circulate SNP Manifesto.

3.2. Robin MacLean gave the group an update on secondary legislation in relation to Part 9 (Compensation & Transitional arrangements). The meeting heard that SG Legal Division (SGLD) are working on complex transitional arrangements and the compensation work has been parked for the time being. A further update from SGLD is expected in June 2016.


  • Robin MacLean to send link to analysis documents.

4. Guidance consultation

4.1. Robin MacLean explained the SG proposal to utilise the Tripartite-Group to produce draft wording for a Part 9 Guidance document. It is proposed that SAGS and LAs work together in subgroups to generate wording that will go on to be consulted-on by interested parties and the wider public. The group reached consensus that this was a reasonable proposal and agreed to working together in order to make this happen.

4.2. Mark Thirgood suggested that the proposed timeline (30 June 2016) for developing wording was unrealistic and the group agreed that this should be extended to at least 31 July, in order for subgroups to come-up with suitable wording for Guidance.


  • Robin MacLean to update timeline.

4.3. It was agreed that the Group should meet again in June, in order to understand where everyone has gotten to in relation to the guidance exercise.

5. AOB

5.1. The Group heard about other work being done in relation to Part 9, namely around the duty on local authorities to have a food growing strategy in place within two years of Part 9 being in force.

5.2. It was announced that Peter Duncan of Fife Council has been seconded to the Scottish Government on a part time basis and for one year. It was heard that Peter will be developing a food growing strategy template which local authorities can adopt.

6. Date of Next Meeting

6.1. Robin MacLean to send Doodle Poll for next meeting.

Summary of action points:

Revised Timeline

What When
Tripartite subgroups develop consultation material 19th May - 30th September
Second Tripartite-Group meeting 4th August 2016
Subgroup 1st draft contributions to Scottish Government 31st August 2016
Scottish Government Legal input 3rd October - 31st October 2016
Public Consultation 14th November - 6th January 2017
Analysis completed 10th February
Third Tripartite-Group meeting 10th November 2016
Guidance document ready for print April 2017



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