Fishing quota - additional allocation from 2024: consultation outcome

Scottish Government analysis, response and outcome to the consultation on the allocation of additional quota (2024). This outcome will be applied to the issue of fishing quota allocations in 2024.

Annex A: List Of Organisation Consultation Respondents

Bf833 Ltd

Aberdeen Fish Producers Organisation Ltd

Adenia Fishing Co. Ltd.

Altaire Fishing Company Limited

Anglo Scottish Fish Produers Organisation Ltd.

Antares Fishing (Whalsay) Company Limited

Be Ready Fishing Company Ltd

Bells Fishmongers Ltd

Blue Marine Foundation

Bonnie Isle Fishing Company Ltd

Brighter Hope Fishing (Shetland) Ltd

Charisma Fishing Company Ltd.

Comhairle Nan Eiliean Siar

Communities Inshore Fisheries Alliance (Cifa)

Community Of Arran Seabed Trust (Coast)

Denholm Fishselling Ltd

Eastern England Fish Producers Organisation

Fiskebas Fishing Company Limited

Heather Fishing Company Ltd

Interfish Producer Organisation Limited

Jcjm Ltd

Kincurdie Fishing Company Ltd

Klondyke Fishing Company Limited

Klondyke Quota Management Group Ltd

Loranthus Fishing Company Ltd

Lunar Qmg Ltd

Mb Norlan Bf362 Llp

Nesfo Ltd

Northbay Fishing Company Limited

Nw Regional Inshore Fisheries Group

O.B. Fishing Company Ltd.

Ocean Fish-Selling Co Ltd

Open Seas

Orkney Fisheries Association

Our Seas

Peter & J Johnstone Ltd

Peterhead Port Authority

Pitcairn Fishing Company Ltd

Research Fishing Company Limited

Scottish Creel Fisherman's Federation

Scottish Environment Link (Supported By Marine Conservation Society, Rspb Scotland, Scottish Wildlife Trust)

Scottish Fishermen's Organisation

Serene Fishing Company Limited

Shark Trust

Shetland Fish Producer’s Organisation

Skerryvore Fishing Limited

Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust (Sift)

Tarlair Fishing Company Ltd

The Don Fishing Company Ltd

Wales And West Coast Fish Producer’s Organisation

West Of Scotland Fish Producer’s Organisation & Orkney Fish Producer’s Organisation

Western Isles Fishermens' Association

Zephyr Fishing Company Ltd.



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