Fishing quotas - Scottish additional quota allocation from 2024: consultation

A consultation on how Scottish additional quota fishing opportunities is allocated from 2024.


1. Future fisheries management: policy intent paper - (

2. Fishing - additional quota allocation - 2021: consultation analysis - (

3. Fisheries: managing quota allocation from 2023 - GOV.UK (

4. Fishing opportunities for British fishing boats - GOV.UK (

5. UK and England quota management rules - GOV.UK (

6. Scottish Quota Management Rules 2022 - (

7. A mechanism designed to adjust national fish quota allocations to take account of the needs of certain fisheries-dependent areas in northern parts of the UK and in the Republic of Ireland.

8. Future fisheries management - discussion paper: analysis - (

9. The HTR generated by an inactive vessel at the start of the calendar is excluded from the allocation calculation.

10. NS cod, NS anglerfish, NS skate/rays, NS mackerel, Western mackerel, NS saithe, NS lemon sole/witch, WS anglerfish,NS ling and Western ling.

11. Current version of the Scottish Quota Management Rules

12. Previously the Responsible Fishing Scheme and managed by Seafish

13. Program Standards (



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