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Allied Health Professions National Delivery Plan 2012-2015 - Progress Report

Published: 18 May 2015
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Health and social care

A summary of progress against the National Delivery Plan for the Allied Health Professions in Scotland, 2012-2015

Allied Health Professions National Delivery Plan 2012-2015 - Progress Report
The NDP: Where we go next

The NDP: Where we go next

It is now over two years since the launch of the AHP NDP. Although significant progress has been made, there remains considerable work to be done in the remaining ten months of the NDP. During this period we will continue to work with and support the boards to deliver on the actions, demonstrate impact and importantly to spread, sustain and embed the improvements being made across services. This process will be further facilitated through investing in our AHP staff to further develop their skills in improvement methodologies.

The NDP Coordinating Group and the ADSG have commenced discussions on where our future AHP focus should be beyond 2015. These discussions have incorporated lessons learned from this first innovative AHP National Strategic driver. Consideration has been given to having a Rehabilitation Improvement Collaborative which could deliver real impact whilst ensuring alignment with national policy and maximising the contribution we make to:

  • Maximising our workforce
  • Rehabilitation
  • E-health solutions
  • Innovation and improvement
  • Older Peoples Services
  • Unscheduled Care
  • Community Asset Building

A range of communication and engagement methods have been incorporated to facilitate ongoing communication and engagement with staff, partners and service users across Scotland. Details of these can be found within appendix 4.


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