Allied Health Professions Education and Workforce Policy Review: Research Innovation and Relationships minutes: August 2022

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 8 August 2022.

Attendees and apologies

  • Anita Simmers, Chair, Council of Deans of Health
  • Alison Moore, Scottish Government
  • Anne Wallace, Scottish Government
  • Kim Lynch, Scottish Government
  • Abby Campbell, Scottish Government
  • Sean Torrens, Scottish Government
  • Peter Glover, NHS Education for Scotland (NES)
  • Valerie Blair, NHS Education for Scotland (NES)
  • Heather Cameron, Scottish Directors of AHPs (SDAHP)
  • Kay Cooper, NHS Grampian/Robert Gordon University
  • Wendy Cohen, Council for Allied Health Professions Research
  • Ruth Barn, Allied Health Professions Federation Scotland (AHPFS)
  • Margot McBride, Allied Health Professions Federation Scotland (AHPFS)
  • Jenna Breckenridge, NHS Tayside/University of Dundee
  • Judith Balfour, NHS Lothian
  • Peter McCrossan, Scottish Directors of AHPs (SDAHP)


  • Laura Neil, Scottish Directors of AHPs (SDAHP)

Items and actions

Welcome and action points from previous meeting

It was noted that the minutes and highlight report of the previous Research Innovation and Relationships meeting held 5 July 2022 were agreed.

Action point:

  • page numbers to be added to minutes 

Update on previously agreed action points

  • members who wish to volunteer to be deputy chair to contact secretariat – volunteers still required 
  • research infrastructure to be added as a bullet point in the terms of reference (TOR) topics – complete
  • Kay Cooper's presentation to be shared with the group – complete and available on objective connect
  • TOR to be updated in line with group discussion – ongoing, accepted as is for now and will be a working document
  • Scottish Government (SG) to draft driver diagram – ongoing 

Driver diagram

The group considered the driver diagram using a jamboard to ensure all thoughts and suggestions were captured. The following aim was agreed, noting that it may be tweaked as work continues:

  • to develop recommendations and actions necessary to influence allied health professions (AHP) research and innovation within and across NHS Scotland in order to meet Scotland's health and wellbeing priorities

The following primary drivers were identified:

  • data
  • resources/funding
  • leadership
  • culture 

Job planning was considered however this will be covered by the Workforce and Recruitment subgroup.

It was agreed that a change in culture is required so that research is embedded within daily clinical practice.

The following secondary driver was suggested:

  • utilise newly qualified practitioners to help with this culture change

Action points:

  • SG to draft driver diagram based on group discussion and the jamboard
  • driver diagram presentation to be added to workspace 

Any other business

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 7 September from 10.30am to 12pm.

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