Alkaline hydrolysis ('water cremation') regulation in Scotland

A Scottish Government consultation on the regulation of alkaline hydrolysis (‘water cremation’) as a method of body disposal in Scotland.

What we are consulting on now

21. This consultation discusses proposals for the introduction of regulation of alkaline hydrolysis following the favourable responses to the earlier consultation. The intention of this consultation is to seek views on how alkaline hydrolysis is proposed to be regulated, including in relation to requirements to comply with the 2016 Act and requirements that may be included in related regulations made under the 2016 Act. The consultation also seeks views on potential codes of practice and guidance as well as on a proposal for oversight by the Scottish Government Inspectors of Burial, Cremation and Funeral Directors. For clarity, we have also set out the responsibilities of other organisations which have a regulatory role in ensuring the safe operation of alkaline hydrolysis.



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