Age, Home and Community: next phase

This is a refresh of the 2011 publication of the Age, Home and Community strategy.

What do Older People Think Makes a Good Place to Live?

It is important that we listen to what older people themselves have to say. Below are some views from older people provided by Age Scotland and the Scottish Older People’s Assembly.

“My friends live nearby. It is good to know that if anything happens help is at hand.”

“I live in a little semi-detached sheltered one bedroom bungalow. I love living there. We have a nice garden where we grow vegetables and flowers. It is good that we have a ground floor house and are close to services. The shops, the Church and GP are all on our doorstep and we have good links to public transport. ”

“The neighbours are helpful and are always there if you need them. I am close to shops and the Post Office.”

“A warm, safe place where you live with people whom you love or at least like, whether family or friends. Even if you live alone, as long as you are content and can live the life you choose without financial worries. Importantly being fit enough to get out and about and be involved in pursuits you find of interest.”

“I live in the town centre just a couple of minutes walk from the shops. Having a garden front and back makes me feel close to nature but is still small enough to be manageable.”

“People make the perfect home. Following that warmth, close to amenities, probably as you get old all on the one level, so no stairs.”

“My new log burning heating provides heat and hot water. It is warm and cosy and affordable to run.”

“[My house] is in a pleasant village with good transport links should I have health difficulties and be unable to drive.

It is not the house I would live in by choice but it was the best I could find when I decided it would be wise to move from my house in the country into a village or town. It was a sensible move to make bearing in mind my age and possible limitations which might arise as I grow older.”


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