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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma

Our work to prevent and reduce the negative impact of childhood adversity and trauma.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma
Trauma-informed workforce

Trauma-informed workforce

Trauma-informed workforce

Our ambition is for a trauma informed and trauma responsive workforce across Scotland, ensuring that services and care are delivered in ways that prevent further harm or re-traumatisation for children, young people or adults affected by psychological trauma, and supports their own unique journey of recovery.

National trauma training programme

Scotland was one of the first countries in the world to develop a robust knowledge and skills framework for pyschological trauma This framework lays out the essential and core knowledge and skills needed by all tiers of the Scottish workforce to ensure that the needs of children and adults who are affected by trauma are recognised, understood and responded to in a way which recognises individual strengths, acknowledges rights and ensures timely access to effective care, support and interventions for those who need it.

In 2018, we established a  National Trauma Training Programme (NTTP) to implement this knowledge and skills framework and to support all sectors of the workforce to upskill staff in trauma informed practice, as well as to embed and sustain this model of working. The programme of work is being led by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and informed by people with lived experience, to create and deliver evidence-based and universally accessible, training resources.

The Programme has supported three local authority delivery trials currently underway in Argyll and Bute, Glasgow and Midlothian all testing out different approaches to rolling out trauma training across the workforce. We fund a network of ‘Transforming Psychological Trauma Implementation Coordinators’ who are based in Health Boards across Scotland to help facilitate trauma training requirements across every sector. We are building capacity in the system through a newly established network of senior ‘Trauma Champions’ from local authorities, health boards and community planning partnerships across Scotland who will be supported to raise awareness, share learning and help influence change.

 In 2021/22 we will continue to prioritise trauma training support for those working with and caring for looked after children, as well as deliver more targeted support for trauma informed justice services, maternity services and the wider health and social care sector.



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