The Adult Support And Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 part 1: guidance for adult protection committees

The purpose of the refresh is to ensure adult support and protection guidance takes account of policy and practice developments since the Act was introduced in 2007, and thus bring the guidance up to date with current legislation and relevant changes in policy and legislation.

Establishment of the committee

10. APCs must be established for every council area. There may be different models to deliver this and local authorities should adopt the model that is most appropriate for their area. There is nothing in the Act that prohibits an APC being established that covers more than one council area, in which case the presumption is that each authority will remain accountable for their activities in their own council area. There is also nothing in the Act that prohibits the APC functions being aligned under wider committees, for example a combined Adult and Child Protection Committee. In such circumstances the duties that follow from the Act in relation to Adult Support and Protection must be followed by the wider committee. There is nothing in the Act that prohibits the committee being a formal committee of the council though in practice this has never happened.



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