Adult support and protection: guidance for GPs and primary care teams

Revised adult support and protection guidance to help GPs and practitioners be confident that their actions will meet safeguarding expectations and improve outcomes.

Quick Reference:

A flowchart showing the steps a practitioner may take in deciding to make a referral, highlighting the need to share information in order to protect a patient they suspect may be at risk of harm.

Infographic text below

GP consultation with patient;

Harm suspected in one of the following areas: Physical, sexual, financial, emotional, neglect, self-harm;

Is the person affected by physical or mental illness, infirmity or frailty?

Consider issue of coercion or external pressure;

Yes? Inform person of need to pass on information and discuss with colleague as above;

Gain consent and/or consider “Public Task”

Make a referral – prompt action is vital

Please review the Quick Guide and the full Guidance booklet and answer these brief questions:

1. Does the guidance offer clarity around the referral process and knowing who to contact?

Not at all o o o o o o o Completely

2. Does the guidance make your roles and responsibilities clear?

Not at all o o o o o o o Completely

3. Is the guidance straightforward and easy to understand?

Not at all o o o o o o o Completely

4. Does the guidance effectively address the question of sharing information with and without patient consent?

Not at all o o o o o o o Completely

5. Research indicates the need for the guidance to be located in the same place as your local child protection guidance. On this basis, where should the guidance be hosted so that you can easily access it locally?

6. With regard to online training/resources would you prefer:

  • Website based eLearning tool
  • Mobile phone/tablet application (app)
  • Other - please state:

7. If training were made available would you be interested in becoming a local adviser for other primary care team members regarding adult support and protection.

Yes/ No – if Yes please provide your contact details

8. Do you feel anything should be added to the guidance to assist you in making ASP referrals?



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