Adult Disability Payment: Consultation on the Mobility Component

The Scottish Government's consultation on the mobility component of Adult Disability Payment (ADP) gives people the opportunity to give their views on the eligibility criteria. The findings will inform the independent review of Adult Disability Payment commencing later this year.

Ministerial Foreword

Adult Disability Payment is the twelfth payment that Social Security Scotland is now successfully delivering. In developing this payment, we listened closely to the views and experiences of disabled people, so that we co-designed a new system that better meets their needs. Crucially, we are delivering a system based on trust that is firmly rooted in our principles of dignity, fairness and respect.

The Scottish Government is committed to seeking opportunities to continuously improve what we do. We have already made bold choices in improving the application and decision-making processes for Adult Disability Payment, whilst maintaining our commitment to delivering a safe and secure transfer of people’s existing awards from the UK Government. As we begin to increase the pace of the transition from the Department for Work and Pensions to Social Security Scotland, it is only right that we look beyond safe and secure.

When Scottish Ministers gave a commitment to hold an independent review of Adult Disability Payment in 2023, we wanted to ensure that people had the opportunity to experience the positive improvements we have already made. We also committed to a review of the eligibility criteria for the mobility component, including the “20-metre rule”, before the independent review.

This consultation forms part of the review: it will present the evidence that we have gathered, seeking to stimulate discussion and provide people with an opportunity to tell us about what works and what could potentially be changed and/or improved. The findings and analysis of this consultation will be made available to the independent review to consider later in 2023.

Whilst I know that some people would like us to go much further and implement change more immediately, it is crucially important that we consider these matters carefully. Allowing the independent review the opportunity to consider all of the evidence and the eligibility criteria holistically will ensure consistency and coherence.

We are building a Scottish Government social security system that is intended to serve the needs of disabled people both now and in the future. People have placed a great deal of trust in us to deliver that system. It is therefore important that we work collaboratively to identify opportunities, understand any potential unintended consequences and be transparent about how we can address those.

In conclusion, I reiterate my gratitude to the many people who have engaged with us and offered their advice to reach this point, including: our Experience Panel members, the Ill Health and Disability Benefits Stakeholder Reference Group, the Disability and Carer Benefits Expert Advisory Group and the Scottish Commission on Social Security. I am also grateful to parliamentary colleagues, particularly on the Social Justice and Social Security Committee, as well as all of our delivery partners.

This is an important opportunity to make your views known and I encourage you to do so.

Ben MacPherson MSP

Minister for Social Security and Local Government



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