Adoption: better choices for our children

The report of the Adoption Policy Review Group makes 107 recommendations to improve the legal framework for adoption and permanence.

ISBN 0 7559 4486 0

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Members of the Group for Phase II

Sheriff Principal Graham Cox, Chair
Penny Simpson, Chair
Elizabeth Cuschieri
Harriet Dempster
Martin Donachy
John Fardell
Mary Gibbons
Sheriff Peter Gillam
George Gould
Barbara Hudson
Sheriff Elizabeth Jarvie
Evelyn Laing
Andrew Mackie
Elizabeth McFarlane
Kate Ramsden
Bryan Ritchie
Frances Roberts
Janys Scott
Christine Urquhart
Sally Wassell
Michael Whittaker
Lexy Plumtree, Independent Legal Adviser to the Group
Peter Selman, Research Adviser to the Group, University of Newcastle
Kathy Mason, Research Adviser to the Group, University of Newcastle

Scottish Executive Education Department:
Gerald Byrne
Susan Neilands
John McCutcheon
Robert Girvan
Simon Cuthbert-Kerr


Letter from the Chair to the Minister for Education and Young People

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Permanence, Principles and Consultation

Chapter 3 Adoption

Chapter 4 Contact and Conditions in Orders for Permanence

Chapter 5 Permanence Order

Chapter 6 Support for Adoption

Chapter 7 Improving Court Procedures and Avoiding Delays

Chapter 8 Curators, Reporting Officers and Safeguarders

Chapter 9 Role of the Children's Hearing in Permanence Cases

Chapter 10 Fostering Issues

Chapter 11 Procedures within Local Authorities and Agencies

Chapter 12 Access to Information


Annex A Consultation with Young People

Annex B Research on Same-sex Parenting

Annex C Research on Alternatives to Adoption

Annex D Proposed Changes to the Sheriff Court Rules

Annex E Lothian and Borders Practice Note

Annex F Forms for Children's Hearing



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