The Adoption Agencies (Scotland) Regulations 2009: Scottish Government Response to Consultation

Consultation report on the Adoption Agencies (Scotland) Regulations

Regulation 2 - Interpretation

Although there wasn't a specific question on this regulation, one respondent suggested that there should be a definition of "guardian" and that this term should be added into a number of the regulations where there is a reference to "parent". The same respondent felt that there should also be a definition of "adoption agency" to differentiate, where appropriate, between the two types of adoption agency i.e. a local authority or registered adoption service.

Scottish Government response/action

Both "guardian" and "adoption agency" are defined in the 2007 Act and it is not appropriate to repeat definitions in subordinate legislation which are provided in the parent Act. The term "guardian" has been added, where appropriate, to references to "parent".

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