Help to Buy Affordable New Build 2019: administrative procedures for agents

Updated guidance for administering agents on managing and assessing applications. Previous guidance was published in 2018.

Appendix 2

Form of Certificate of Title

To The Scottish Ministers
c/o [insert name and address of Administering Agent]

Dear Sirs

Name of Purchaser: [ ] (the "Purchaser")
Address of Property: [ ] (the "Property")
Date of settlement: [ ]
Scottish Ministers' Contribution: £ ( ) (the "Payment")

We refer to the instruction letter by [insert name of Administering Agent] dated [insert date] on your behalf together with your Standing Instructions to Solicitors, (both together referred to as the "Instructions"). We confirm that we have fully complied with its terms.

Without prejudice to your rights in respect of the foregoing we also confirm that the title to the Property may be safely accepted by you as security and is good and marketable.

We hereby request the Payment in time for settlement and confirm that we will (a) deal with the same and (b) attend to settlement and all post settlement matters including without prejudice registration and preservation of all documents, titles, records and others in accordance with the Instructions.

Yours faithfully

[Date and insert details of solicitor signing report]



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