Addressing Loss and Damage conference - practical action: summary report

In October 2022, Scotland hosted a conference which brought together international representatives and practitioners to articulate best practice and explore innovative new opportunities to mobilise finance for, and address Loss and Damage ahead of COP27.


The report follows a loss and damage conference hosted by the Scottish Government on 11 and 12 October in collaboration with the UN High-Level Champions and the Global Resilience Partnership. The report has been produced by the Scottish Government in collaboration with International Institute for Environment and Development.

Thank you to the Climate Justice team and the wider International Climate Change Team in the Scottish Government: Georgina Belk, Emma Fenton, Jemima Gordon-Duff, Alice Guinan, Ruth Mattock, Thomas Murphy, Katie Ogilvie and Eilidh Shearer.

We also wish to thank Simon Addison, Simon Anderson, Ritu Bharadwaj, and Douwe van Schie from IIED, as well as Tessa Ferry, David Howlett from Climate Champions Team and Nathanial Matthews from Global Resilience Partnership for their contributions to this report.

A final thank you to all those who contributed to the Loss and Damage conference as plenary speakers, case study presenters and moderators, and note takers:


Inès Bakhtaoui, Ritu Bharadwaj, David Howlett, Saleemul Huq, Tahseen Jafry, Manuel Marques Pereira, Mairi McAllan, Colin McQuistan, Vanessa Nakate, Julie-Anne Richards, Zoha Shawoo, Simon Stiell, Nicola Sturgeon, Nigel Topping, and Elizabeth Wathuti.

Presenters & Moderators

Leia Achampong, Simon Addison, Simon Anderson, Teresa Anderson, Kristen Arnold, Inès Bakhtaoui, Christopher Bartlett, Sachin Bhoite, Jeannette Fernandez Castro, Quamrul Chowdhury, Line Christensen, Ciara Commins, Dayna Connolly, Ayesha Dinshaw, Rowan Douglas, Tessa Ferry, Michael Franczak, Lucy Hayes, Jennifer Hobbs, David Howlett, Saleemul Huq, Barbara Rosen Jacobson, Tahseen Jafry, Jan Kellett, Sönke Kreft,

Gernot Laganda, Jamie Livingstone, Adrian Martinez, Jesse Mason, Nathanial Matthews, Laura Mattioli, Heather McGray, Colin McQuistan, Dennis Mombauer, Eva Peace Mukayiranga, Gharib Murbe, Nusrat Naushin, Maggie Ngwira, Nora Nisi, Golam Rabbani, Simon Schwall, Moumita Sen, Rajesh Sharma, Zoha Shawoo, Alan Smith, Salote Soqo, Charlene Watson, Lizzy Whitehead, Pubudini Wickramaratne, Vositha Wijenayake,

Emily Wilkinson, Ben Wilson, Farhana Yamin, and Astrid Zwick.

Note takers and supporting staff

Jessamyn Briers, Josie Brown, Vasiliki Failadi, Kirsty Gray, Jacob Greenhalgh, Amy Hart, Eilidh MacKinnon, Abigail McGowan, Katie Miller, Thomas Ross, Jeanne Spillane, Annarosa Suojanen, Lewis Watson, and Niall Wood.



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