Additional Support for Learning Network: terms of reference

Terms of reference for the Additional Support for Learning Network.


The role of the Additional Support for Learning network is to work collaboratively, giving consideration, advice and support to the ASL Project Board on operational matters related to the implementation of Additional Support for Learning and inclusion policy.

The Additional Support for Learning Project Board oversees the implementation of inclusion and additional support for learning policy through delivery of the Additional Support for Learning (ASL) Action Plan and its associated workstreams. 

Key responsibilities 

The ASL Network has collective responsibility to:

  • have frank and open discussion about additional support for learning and inclusion policy, including what is working and where improvement is required
  • provide advice to the ASL Project Board to support implementation and oversight of delivery of the ASL action plan
  • this advice must be informed by the views and voices of children and young people, who Network members should engage with as a matter of course
  • have a primary focus on implementation of Additional Support for Learning, but have the ability to focus on wider interconnected issues as and when required.
  • support the ASL Project Board in the development of guidance and advice at all levels of the system, working across organisational and structural boundaries to support improvement and continued effective implementation of Additional Support for Learning
  • this includes identifying improvement priorities and ensuring those priorities are reflected at a national, local and regional level
  • have oversight of the communication and engagement plan to ensure that additional support for learning is well understood and easily accessible to families, children and young people and staff

Core membership

The current membership can be found on the Additional Support for Learning Network page.

Other members

  • Chair (NPFS)
  • Deputy-Chair (Enquire)
  • Secretariat (Scottish Government)

Conduct and frequency 

ASL Network meetings will be via MS Teams. Meetings will take place three times a year. Further discussions will be conducted throughout the year via email.

ASL Network members are expected to have read papers in advance of the meeting to enable focused discussion on the content.

The ASL Network Secretariat will maintain an accurate record of the meeting, including decisions taken, record of those ASL Network members in attendance and any other matters that are deemed necessary for audit purposes.

Minutes will be issued one week following a meeting for comment and approval. The final version of the minutes will be circulated two weeks following the meeting.

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