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Additional powers request: how to apply

Published: 17 Dec 2019

Guidance and forms for relevant local authorities for submitting applications under the Additional Powers (Scotland) Regulations 2019.

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Additional powers request: how to apply

The Regulations contain certain requirements that must be followed by a local authority in consulting on the proposed additional powers request. It is essential that evidence of community support is provided with any request.

The Regulations specify certain consultees that must be consulted by the requesting local authority. These are set out in regulation 5(2). 

The requesting local authority must give consultees notice of the proposed additional power. Regulation 5(3) sets out the information that the notice must include. 

The consultation period is determined by the requesting local authority but it has to be for a period of at least 12 weeks. The consultation must start on the day on which the consultees were given notice and it must run continuously.  


Any comments, questions or suggestions about this guidance can be directed to the Local Government Policy and Relationships Team at the Scottish Government. You can contact the Scottish Government switchboard on 0300 244 4000 and they will direct you to the appropriate contacts.