Active Scotland Delivery Plan

Plan setting out actions that we and our partners are undertaking, working together to encourage and support people in Scotland to be more active, more often.

Alignment with International Best Practice

As part of its mission to reduce physical inactivity worldwide, the World Health Organization published its Global Action Plan on Physical Activity, 'More Active People for a Healthier World', on 4 June 2018. [12] The Global Action Plan was developed through a worldwide consultation process involving governments and key stakeholders across multiple sectors including health, sports, transport, urban design, civil society, academia and the private sector.

The Active Scotland Outcomes Framework and the range of actions addressing them set out in this Delivery Plan are closely aligned to international best practice and in particular the four objectives described in the WHO Global Action Plan. The diagram on the following page illustrates how the Active Scotland Outcomes Framework relates to the set of WHO objectives, which are as follows:

  • Create Active Societies – Social Norms and Attitudes

Create a paradigm shift in all of society by enhancing knowledge and understanding of, and appreciation for, the multiple benefits of regular physical activity, according to ability and at all ages.

  • Create Active Environments – Spaces and Places

Create and maintain environments that promote and safeguard the rights of all people, of all ages, to have equitable access to safe places and spaces, in their cities and communities, in which to engage in regular physical activity, according to ability.

  • Create Active People – Programmes and Opportunities

Create and promote access to opportunities and programmes, across multiple settings, to help people of all ages and abilities engage in regular physical activity as individuals, families and communities.

  • Create Active Systems – Governance and Policy Enablers

Create and strengthen leadership, governance, multisectoral partnerships, workforce capabilities, advocacy and information systems across sectors to achieve excellence in resource mobilization and implementation of coordinated international, national and subnational action to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour.

Through the range of detailed actions set out in the WHO Global Action Plan and the structure it offers to support exchange of experience internationally, the Global Action Plan is a valuable resource to support our work to monitor implementation of the range of actions set out in this Active Scotland Delivery Plan. It will also be an important reference in identifying new actions in line with up-to-date evidence and refining our approaches accordingly.

Relationship between WHO Global Action Plan and Active Scotland Outcomes Framework

Relationship between WHO Global Action Plan and Active Scotland Outcomes Framework


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