Prescribing - achieving value and sustainability - draft guidance: consultation

We are consulting on draft guidance on achieving value and sustainability in prescribing by reducing unwarranted variation across health boards. This includes, items of low and limited clinical value, diabetic sundries, and antimicrobial stewardship.

2. Introduction

There is variation in prescribing of medications across NHS Scotland. This can include items that may have low or limited effectiveness, safety concerns, or provide low value for money for NHS Scotland where there are more cost-effective items available. This can also include instances of antibiotics being prescribed unnecessarily or for longer than the recommended duration, increasing antimicrobial resistance.

This guidance aims to promote the effective use of medicines and minimise unwarranted variation in prescribing practice across NHS Scotland. It supports the principles of Realistic Medicine through shared decision-making, encouraging medication review, and ensuring medicines are prescribed appropriately.



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