Access to sanitary products Aberdeen pilot: evaluation report

Findings from the evaluation of a 6-month Scottish Government funded pilot project in Aberdeen exploring access to sanitary products.


1. For example a proposal for a Bill to ensure free access to sanitary products has been lodged by Monica Lennon MSP; the Free Periods Scotland campaign is campaigning make access to period products free for all women; organisations such as the Scottish Trade Union Congress, the Education Institute of Scotland and National Union of Students have passed motions on access to sanitary products.

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10., based on: 13 periods, 22 products per cycle and 13p per product:

11. An average of 13 periods lasting 5 days and using 4-5 products per day = 300 products. Based on retail prices. Taking the average age of menarche as 12 and of menopause as 54 (42 menstruating years in total).


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16. Incomplete responses were those where only basic information such as the partner organisation and unique participant number were included i.e. no responses to survey questions or products provided were recorded.


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