About the Scottish national accounts programme (SNAP)

Information about the Scottish national accounts programme (SNAP).

The Scottish national accounts programme (SNAP) aims to enhance the scope of economic statistics in Scotland and to improve consistency and comparability between measures.

Experimental Statistics

While being developed, these statistics are currently classed as experimental statistics. These are defined as new official statistics undergoing evaluation, and are published in order to involve users and stakeholders in their development. Users should note that experimental statistics may be particularly prone to revisions as methodologies and data sources are improved.

Experimental Statistics In Development

Whole of Scotland Economic Accounts - Estimating balanced national accounts and trade flows including extra-regio activity

Historically, most of the economic statistics produced for Scotland (GDP, Supply-Use tables etc) relate to Scotland’s on-shore economy. The offshore economy in this treatment (including North Sea output and defence and diplomatic services overseas) are classified as extra-regio (not part of any region of the UK). For a number of years, estimates of value added in the illustrative Scottish share of extra-regio territory have been published in the QNAS publication, and these figures have also be used in the annual GERS publication.

This project, commencing in the 2017-18 statistics plan, aims to establish a set of Supply and Use tables for this extra-regio activity (as a satellite account to the main tables) detailing flows of the value of goods and services to and from this area to onshore Scotland, Rest of the UK and Rest of the World. The satellite account can then be combined with the onshore Scottish Supply and Use tables to form a “Whole of Scotland “ set of accounts.

Gross National Income (GNI) and primary income accounts

This aim of this project is to produce regular, annual GNI estimates for Scotland. This follows on from an intitial estimate made in 2013 for 2010. The analysis aims to estimate income inflows and outflows between Scotland amd the rest of the UK and between Scotland and the non-UK rest of the world. Taken collectively, these flows represent Scotland’s net employment income and net property income from abroad, which allow Gross National Income (GNI) to be derived from GDP.

Estimates of long term economic statistics for Scotland

Long Term time series statistics have been produced detailing GDP and Public Sector Finances back to 1980.

Previous SNAP statistics

Statistics developed during previous phases of SNAP are listed below: 


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