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Published: 18 Sep 2019
Last updated: 16 Dec 2020 - see all updates
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Background information and guidance on the Scottish Government's quarterly gross domestic product (GDP).

About GDP
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Current releases

GDP First Quarterly Estimate for 2021 Q1, published on 16 June 2021

GDP Monthly Estimate for May 2021, published on 21 July 2021

GDP User Survey 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented changes in the economy and the way in which we measure it. Over the last year, the Scottish Government has developed some new statistics to track the economy in a more detailed and timely manner than ever before, but has also had to scale back some other work.

We would like to ask you a few questions through a short online survey, which will help us to understand how our statistics are being used, what is valued and what could be improved in our current publications, and what should be the main priorities for our developments in the coming year.

A copy of the survey is available here. You can give us your views online at, or email us at by 31 July 2021

Next planned releases

GDP Monthly Estimate for June 2021, to be published on 25 August 2021

GDP Quarterly National Accounts for 2021 Quarter 1, to be published on 4 August 2021





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