The 5 Step Approach to Evaluation: Designing and Evaluating Behaviour Change Interventions SUMMARY

A shorter (updated) version of full guidance describing how to use the 5-Step approach to design and evaluate any behaviour change intervention.


This evaluation pack is a summary of the full version, aimed at both service providers and funders who aim to promote behaviour change.

For funders and planning partnerships, it aims to:

  • Offer a strategic, evidence-based and outcomes-focused planning tool
  • Offer guidance on how to assess evaluations from service providers and therefore direct funding to greatest effect.
  • Demonstrate the role you can play in promoting and enabling high quality evaluations from those you fund.

For service providers, it aims to:

  • Provide guidance on planning an evidence-based service with a "built in" evaluation process
  • Provide guidance and resources for you to effectively assess, understand and demonstrate how well your service is working in relation to your aims.
  • Offer an alternative to randomised control trials, using a "logic model" approach to evaluation, which any service provider can use to evaluate any intervention, regardless of size.
  • Encourage continual review and improvement of services.


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