Heat networks target 2035 consultation: SG response

Government response to our consultation on the 2035 target for the amount of heat to be supplied by heat networks.

Next Steps

We have taken account of the responses, and given the general support for the proposed target, we intend to set the target so that the combined supply of thermal energy by heat networks in Scotland reaches at least 7 TWh by 2035.  This will be carried out be laying a Scottish Statutory Instrument in Parliament by the 1 October 2023, in line with the 2021 Act.

The following should also be noted:

1. There isn't full agreement from stakeholders on the level of target, and given the limited data currently available to us, the onward intention is to review the heat network target once better information is available, such as heat network zoning.

2. The target is a national target and national targets don't necessarily translate directly to a percentage target for each local authority. Some local authorities may find that the opportunity for heat delivered by heat networks is well above the percentage equivalence of the national heat network targets, while others may find the opposite. This will largely be dictated by local circumstances and there will be no consequence for those local authorities where heat networks are not deployed at scale. It will be important for local authorities to supplement national data with local knowledge and information to identify potential opportunities for heat networks. Further information has been provided through the LHEES methodology provided to all local authorities.


Email: Heatnetworks@gov.scot

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