Community-led regeneration

Community-led regeneration is at the heart of our regeneration strategy.

It is about people:

  • identifying issues and opportunities in their local area
  • deciding what to do about them
  • making positive changes in their communities

We support community-led regeneration that:

  • increases the number and strength of locally-controlled, enterprising community organisations
  • supports local organisations to take ownership of assets such as buildings or land
  • helps people to co-ordinate action and respond to challenges in areas where there are high levels of disadvantage
  • helps people identify and act on the priorities in their areas

We provide funding for community-led regeneration through our Empowering Communities Fund.

Place Principle and place-based approaches

Places shape who we are, what we do and how we feel. They impact every aspect of our lives. They are where people and communities interact with policies and investments.

The Place Principle promotes a shared understanding of place and the need to take a more integrated, collaborative and participative approach to decision making and delivery of services and assets to achieve better outcomes with and for people and communities. It encourages local flexibility to respond to circumstances and opportunities in that setting and provides communities and partners with a way to exercise local accountability over decisions.

To maximise the impact of our available assets and resources, we must work better together. Adopting a place-based approach can help all of us make better decisions for people, communities and planet. Taking collaborative and co-ordinated action with communities and across partners enables better targeting of resources to the most relevant outcomes for the people and community in that place.

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