Perinatal and early years

We are committed to improving the mental health of mothers, fathers, carers and infants throughout pregnancy and during the postnatal period. 

The 2018-2019 Programme for Government (PfG) contains improving perinatal and infant mental health as a key commitment.

This is supported by a £50 million investment over four years which is being overseen and directed by the Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Programme Board

We have: 

A directory of currently available perinatal and infant mental health third sector support is available on the Inspiring Scotland website.

  • launched the Mother and Baby Family Fund (MBUFF) in October 2020, to support those visiting their loved one in a Mother and Baby Unit (MBU). The MBUFF allows partners/fathers/main carers to claim towards the cost of travel, food and accommodation when visiting an MBU. This also applies for children under 16 during their visits

We are also:

  • working with all health boards across Scotland to establish and expand specialist perinatal services. This includes specialist Community Perinatal Mental Health, Infant Mental Health and Maternity and Neonatal Psychological Interventions services. Initial staffing for these developments should be in place by the end of the financial year and we will be working closely with boards going forward to develop these services further

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