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Non-binary equality

The Scottish Government’s vision is for Scotland to be a place where everyone’s identity is recognised, respected and celebrated. It should be a place where everybody can participate, access rights and opportunities and thrive in society.

To achieve our vision, we are committed to improving the outcomes for non-binary people and the wider trans community in Scotland. We committed to developing and publishing an action plan to improve equality and wellbeing for non-binary people in the Programme for Government 2021 to 2022 and 2023 to 2024, as well as the Bute House Agreement.

Non-Binary Equality Action Plan

We published our Non-Binary Equality Action Plan 2023-2028 ('the Plan') in November 2023. The Plan aims to improve the lives of non-binary people in Scotland by taking steps to address inequalities and barriers faced by non-binary people. It is the first plan of its kind in the UK and is accompanied by an equality impact assessment and an easy read version of the Plan.

The five year Plan includes actions to support specific research on the experiences of non-binary people in Scotland, fund training for fertility preservation providers on trans and non-binary healthcare needs and meaningfully include non-binary people in decision-making by improving processes.

The advancement of equality for all is a shared responsibility across government, and the Plan is in keeping with our approach to equality mainstreaming.

We will publish an annual report on our progress on the objectives and actions in the Plan at the end of each year.

Working Group on Non-Binary Equality

The Plan responds to recommendations from the Working Group on Non-Binary Equality report published in spring 2022. The Group first met in spring 2021 following delays due to the pandemic. It was independently chaired and composed of key stakeholder organisations, academics, and non-binary people.

The Group published its report and recommendations in March 2022 which included 35 recommendations to improve the rights and wellbeing of non-binary people in Scotland. We published our response to the Group’s report and recommendations in July 2022. The Plan outlines how and when accepted and partially accepted recommendations will be taken forward.

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