Local Governance Review

We want to devolve more power to more local levels.

We and COSLA have jointly launched a Local Governance Review, which will ensure local communities have more say about how public services in their area are run.

The Review will do this by considering how powers, responsibilities and resources are shared across national and local spheres of government, and with communities.

We have produced a short animation which explains our approach and how to get involved.

This is a wide ranging and ambitious review. It is split into two strands of work.

Strand 1: Community decision-making

People across Scotland have been taking part in the Democracy Matters conversation about the future of community decision making. This means decisions taken closer to people than the first level of full scale democracy provided by Scotland’s councils.

The conversation began with a small set of open questions found in the consultation document: Democracy Matters - Your Community. Your Ideas. Your Future. A Democracy Matters: easy-read guide was also available.

To round off this part of the conversation, a series of events brought people together to reflect on emerging issues and share ideas on how best to address these. You can download slides of our presentation.

We are now considering what we have heard across the different conversations and received in written submissions. 

We will share the findings early in 2019. Further public consultation based on these findings will then follow. We are encouraging everyone to get involved and help strengthen democracy in a way that makes Scotland a better place for all. 

If you want to stay in touch, you can sign up to our newsletter, email us at democracymatters@gov.scot and follow us on Twitter @CommEmpower.

Strand 2: Public service governance

We have also been asking our public sector partners, such as local councils, to tell us about the powers and resources they need to improve outcomes for people.

Find more information in the Local Governance Review letter from Angela Constance MSP, John Swinney MSP and Councillor Alison Evison to public sector leaders.