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Fireworks are an important and enjoyable part of celebrations and festivals, but their misuse can have a massive impact on communities and emergency services.

We published a fireworks action plan in October 2019 setting out actions we will take forward with the fireworks industry, partners and communities to promote the safe and appropriate use of fireworks.

Our action includes:

  • the set up of a fireworks review group to consider how the current laws around where and when fireworks can be used can be tightened
  • campaigns to improve awareness of the dangers of firework misuse
  • the development of advice to be made available when purchasing fireworks from retailers
  • new guidance for community groups who organise and run public firework displays

The action plan has been informed by the results of a public consultation on the use and regulation of fireworks we held, which took place between February and May 2019. We also hosted 29 public events across Scotland.

Read an analysis of responses to the consultation.

The consultation was supported by:

Legislation on where and when fireworks can be used is devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

The law covering the sale of fireworks is mainly reserved to Westminster.  We will continue to discuss with the UK Government how current regulations on the sale of fireworks can be strengthened, including the possibility of a licensing system for buying fireworks.







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