Withdrawal Agreement Bill

Legislative Consent Memorandum published.

The Scottish Government cannot recommend that consent is given to the UK Government’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

A Legislative Consent Memorandum (LCM) lodged with the Scottish Parliament by Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell raises concerns over the content of the Bill, its implementation and the lack of opportunity for detailed parliamentary scrutiny in either the UK or Scottish Parliaments.

The Scottish Government has requested a recall of Holyrood on Thursday to enable Parliament to decide whether or not to consent to the Bill, if the UK Parliament adopts the UK Government’s proposed legislative timetable.

Mr Russell has described the approach of the UK Government to the passage of the Bill as “irresponsible and disrespectful of the legislatures of these islands and the devolution settlements.”

Writing to the UK Government to confirm that the Legislative Consent Memorandum has been lodged for consideration by the Scottish Parliament, he adds:

“It is essential that it should receive scrutiny in all of the UK’s legislatures, that there should be the proper opportunity for civil society to consider it and for citizens to understand its meaning and significance, and for all constitutional conventions, including the Sewel Convention, to be respected during its passage.”


The Legislative Consent Memorandum

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