Vaccination vital as Omicron remains a threat

People urged to get boosted as soon as possible.

Anyone who has not yet received their booster or third dose is being urged to come forward now, to give the best possible protection against the Omicron variant.

That includes anyone who was unable to attend a vaccination clinic before the Hogmanay bells because of a COVID-19 infection, or if they were self-isolating.

People who are aged 18 and over can receive a booster 28 days after they tested positive or if it has been at least 12 weeks since their second dose.

Young people aged 12-17 can also attend for their second dose of the vaccine – many will have received an appointment but this group can also attend a drop-in clinic at a time and place convenient for them as long as 12 weeks have passed since their first jab.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said:

“The recent acceleration of activity in response to the emerging threat of the Omicron variant has been a remarkable national endeavour and I can’t stress enough how grateful we are to all those involved. More than three million people have now received a booster or third dose, offering strengthened protection from the virus and reducing the risk of hospitalisation from the virus.

“However, we believe Omicron has not yet peaked, and the pressure being felt by the health and social care system is extremely high. So, to protect ourselves and the NHS at this critical time it is vital people complete the vaccination course for which they are eligible. It remains vital that everyone gets their booster vaccine when they are eligible.

“We know many people have been unable to attend appointments because of the virus, or due to self-isolation, so I urge anyone who has been unable to attend to rearrange it or go to a drop-in clinic.

“It is never too late to receive your booster – or a first or second dose – so please come forward as soon as possible, as there is plenty of capacity available.”

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nicola Steedman said:

“Data shows you are significantly more likely to be admitted to hospital if you are unvaccinated.

“We now know that boosters provide the best possible protection against this variant of the virus. My clinical colleagues and I know the difference this will make - we see it in our hospitals and communities every day. Please get vaccinated.”


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