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Public Sector Pay Policy published.

A new multi-year, above inflation pay strategy for the Scottish public sector will provide certainty for the workforce while improving public services for the people of Scotland, Finance Secretary Shona Robison has said.

The 2024-25 Public Sector Pay Policy sets out a framework for workers to receive an average 9.3% uplift over three years – providing above inflation protection from forecast inflation rates of 5.7%.

Finance and Local Government Secretary Shona Robison said the framework can be used to take forward negotiations on pay and non-pay elements relevant to individual sectors and workforces.

Ms Robison said:

“The most valuable and important asset of public services is their workforces. Our approach to public sector pay in recent years means that people in key public sector roles in Scotland are now paid 6% more on average than in the rest of the UK demonstrating that we have supported public sector workers during the cost-of-living crisis.

“This new above inflation multi-year framework offers public sector workers certainty and a considerable degree of pay restoration when set against expected inflation forecasts up to 2027.

“It also continues our journey to build the Scottish economy and create the prosperity necessary to support people in Scotland – underlining our commitment to strong public services. Scotland thrives when the organisations that support the people of Scotland thrive, and it is my belief this new pay policy will support workers to achieve exactly that.

“The Scottish Government operates on an effectively fixed budget, limiting what can be delivered through pay policy. We have set out a fair framework within the limits of our budget. A change to UK spending plans would be required to increase spending on public services and public service workers.”


The Scottish Government Public Sector Pay Policy 2024-25


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