Supporting each other during winter

Refreshed ‘Ready Scotland’ website to help communities work together.

Communities are being encouraged to continue to support each other as the country moves into winter. 

The Scottish Government’s recently refreshed Ready Scotland website ( provides a range of information for anyone looking for support during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as well as advice on preparing for winter weather. 

It also provides guidance for those who wish to help out those around them, whether on an individual basis or through volunteering with local community groups or charities.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:

“In any year, winter weather can be a challenge for many of us, and this year it will come while we are already managing the effects that COVID-19 is having on so many aspects of our lives. 

“As we have seen in previous winters, and as we saw so clearly during our lockdown in the spring and in the months since, the strength and kindness of our communities and our desire to look out for our neighbours is one of our greatest resources.

“These support networks are no less important now than they were in the spring, especially to older, disabled and at risk people, and those who are on their own or feeling lonely. While we can’t visit each other as we might have done in previous years, a phone call or a text can go a long way, and there are a wide range of services standing ready to provide support. 

“I would encourage people to continue to take time to check in with those around you and offer any help that you are able.”


Guidance on giving and finding help during the coronavirus pandemic, preparing for winter weather, and forming community groups is available on the Ready Scotland website.

For those without digital access, coronavirus support can be sought from the National Assistance Helpline by telephoning 0800 111 4000. has a range of advice and resources, also offering practical assistance for anyone feeling low or needing to speak to someone for emotional support.


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