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Increased Carer’s Allowance to be delivered next summer.

The first social security payments to be delivered by the Scottish Government have been outlined to parliament by Social Security Secretary Angela Constance.

The next milestone in building Scotland’s new social security system will be the delivery of the first benefits and these will be the increased Carer’s Allowance, the Best Start Grant and the Funeral Expense Assistance.

The new benefits will be subject to the scrutiny and agreement of the Scottish Parliament. Ms Constance said:

“The delivery of these first benefits is the next milestone in building Scotland’s new social security system – the largest, most complex programme of change in the history of devolution.

 “The benefits we will deliver may be different in nature but there is one common thread which binds them – an investment in the people of Scotland.

“Our approach will always treat people with fairness, dignity and respect, and there is no better way to show this than providing the support that they need and when they need it. These steps are key to helping us create a fairer country for all.

“Our plans will be laid out to the Parliament when we publish our Bill next month and we look forward to working with members to deliver this significant legislation.”


In the statement Ms Constance gave further information on the benefits:

Increased Carer’s Allowance:

  • delivery from summer 2018
  • increasing to the same level as Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • an investment of more than £30 million a year

Best Start Grant (replacing the Sure Start Maternity Grant)

  • delivery by summer 2019
  • a one-off grant of £600 for the first child in low income families – an increase of £100 on the current rate
  • a re-introduction of £300 for subsequent children and two payments of £250 each during a child’s early years

Funeral Expense Assistance

  • delivery by summer 2019
  • processing applications within 10 days – significantly faster than at present
  • making it easier for people to understand if they are eligible for assistance

Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman recently confirmed private firms won’t carry out benefit assessments for the new agency

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