Scotland and Ireland

Links with close neighbours must continue to grow.

Staying within the Single Market and Customs Union will help ensure Scotland's ties with Ireland continue to flourish, Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe Michael Russell said today.

Speaking at the conference of the Irish Association for Contemporary European Studies in Dublin today, Mr Russell warned of the threat to jobs and wages from Brexit.

He said Scotland’s historic and valuable close ties with Ireland would be best nurtured by the type of relationship made possible by a shared future in the Single Market.

Mr Russell said:

“Scotland and Ireland have deep ties that cross our economy, our heritage and our culture. We want to see these links continue to flourish in the future.

“We want Scotland to remain within the EU. However if Brexit takes place, we must, as a minimum, remain in the Single Market and Customs Union. I believe that is the best way to protect our economy and communities but also the future of these valuable shared links with one of our closest neighbours.

“The threat of Brexit to jobs and wages is clear and I will continue to press the UK Government to secure an outcome that safeguards our economy, society and relationships with our European friends and neighbours such as Ireland.”


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