NHS Scotland Assure

New service for healthcare facilities.


A new national service has been established to improve the quality and management of healthcare construction and refurbishment projects across NHS Scotland.

NHS Scotland Assure brings together experts to improve quality and support the design, construction and maintenance of major healthcare developments. This world first interdisciplinary team will include microbiologists, infection prevention and control nurses, architects, planners, and engineers.

Commissioned by the Scottish Government and established by NHS National Services Scotland, the service will work with Health Boards to ensure healthcare buildings are designed with infection prevention and control practice in mind, protecting patients and improving safety.

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care Humza Yousaf said:

“NHS Scotland Assure will support a culture of collaboration and transparency to provide the reassurance patients and their families deserve to feel safe in our hospitals. This service is unique to Scotland and is leading the way in risk and quality management across healthcare facilities.

“With services designed with patients in mind, we can make a real, positive difference to people’s lives.”

Gordon James, Director of Procurement, Commissioning and Facilities for National Services Scotland said:

“We co-designed NHS Scotland Assure with colleagues to improve quality and reduce risk in our healthcare buildings and facilities across Scotland.

“NHS Scotland Assure will work collaboratively with Health Boards to make sure our buildings are compliant with the best available guidance and evidence.”


Benefits of NHS Scotland Assure include:

  • increased patient safety
  • stronger relationships with clinical teams
  • increase in public and professional confidence
  • cohesion between healthcare and construction teams
  • reduced costs
  • greater sustainability

NHS Scotland Assure consists of eight new services, supporting the management of risk in healthcare builds across Scotland. For some services, elements are already delivered across the system, and where this is the case, enhancements will be made.


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