Mitigating the impact of Brexit

Councils' 'leadership' welcome.

Councils will play an essential role in preparing for the "extremely serious consequences for communities across Scotland" of Brexit, according to the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Local authorities, such as Glasgow City Council, have recently raised concerns about potential shortages of essentials like food and fuel because of Brexit.

Ms Sturgeon underlined that the partnership between national and local government will be important in protecting communities and critical frontline services as Brexit draws closer.

Speaking at COSLA's annual conference in St Andrews, the First Minister said:

"There is no doubt that the most pressing challenge facing our country at this time comes from Brexit, and the UK Government's approach to post-Brexit immigration, will have extremely serious consequences for communities across Scotland. 

"I know that COSLA is also leading preparations for Brexit, on behalf of its members. For example, you recently rolled out a survey across local authorities to identify the sectors which will be most affected by workforce issues arising from Brexit.

"We welcome the leadership that has already been shown. Local government has an essential role to play in preparing for the impact for Brexit and the Scottish Government is ready to support you in your efforts

"The Scottish Government continues to argue for a sensible approach to Brexit, which would see the whole of the UK remaining in the single market and the customs union, if staying in the EU is not possible.

"However, we also recognise the need to prepare, as best we can, for other Brexit scenarios. That is why the Scottish Government is undertaking a significant programme of contingency planning."



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