Minister writes to Russian Ambassador

Letter condemning Ukraine invasion.


Cabinet Secretary for External Affairs Angus Robertson has written to the Russian Ambassador condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “in the strongest possible terms”.

In the letter to Ambassador Kelin, Mr Robertson called for an immediate end to the conflict and demanded that all Russian troops withdraw from Ukraine immediately. 

Text of the full letter below.

Dear Ambassador Kelin,

The Scottish Government condemns Russia’s unprovoked invasion of a peaceful, democratic neighbour in the strongest possible terms.  We call for an immediate cessation of Russia’s aggression and demand that all Russian troops withdraw from Ukraine immediately. 

This illegal act of aggression has no conceivable justification. I reject wholeheartedly the premise of the invasion as stated by President Putin. I deplore the loss of life, including civilian lives, which is the direct responsibility of the Russian regime.

Scotland offers its unqualified support for Ukrainian sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.  Our capital city Edinburgh is twinned with Kyiv, and our country is home to several thousand Ukrainians who are valued and welcome members of our communities. 

Scotland is also home to many Russians, whom we value equally.  They are our friends, family, co-workers and neighbours.  Our quarrel is not with the people of Russia, nor the Russian community who live and work in Scotland, but with President Putin’s regime and its deplorable actions.

This week’s atrocities are not isolated. They form part of a pattern of aggression and belligerence, which includes the annexation of Crimea in 2014, repeated cyber attacks and interference in other countries’ democratic processes and, of course, the use of nerve agents on British soil in 2018.

The First Minister and I have welcomed the sanctions which the UK government announced on Tuesday and the further round introduced on Thursday. 

Mr Ambassador, history will judge this week’s events as a permanent stain on this Russian government’s reputation.  The international community stands united against such aggression, and Scotland stands with the international community.

Yours sincerely,

Angus Robertson 

Cabinet Secretary for External Affairs


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