Quarterly Housing Statistics, December 2020

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The latest quarterly statistics on affordable housing supply and annual statistics on long-term empty properties and second homes have been released by Scotland’s Chief Statistician.

There were 1,057 affordable housing supply homes completed in the latest quarter, July to September 2020, an increase of 860 homes on the 197 completions in the previous quarter, April to June 2020. This reflects the re-starting of housing supply activity after coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions on construction and housing market activity were eased from late June onwards.

There were about half the number (51%) of affordable homes completed in the latest quarter compared with the same period last year, when there were 2,087 completions recorded. The levels achieved in the latest quarter may have been affected by the phased re-start of construction supply activity since late June and the COVID-19 construction guidance.

The numbers of affordable homes approved and started have also been affected in recent quarters by the COVID-19 restrictions. However, between the quarter April to June and the quarter July to September the volume of homes started rose by 1,208 to 2,009 homes, a higher volume increase than homes either approved or completed in the same period.

Separate annual statistics show that as of September 2020, the number of long-term empty properties has increased by 16% (6,370 properties) from 40,963 last year to 47,333 in 2020. This is likely to be associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, which directly affected the rental and sales markets, with the restrictions on movement also having a range of other impacts.

The number of second homes in 2020 (24,466) is at a broadly similar level to 2019 (24,314 homes), having increased by only 1% (152 dwellings). This brings the total of long-term empty properties and second homes up by 10% to 71,999 in September 2020.


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